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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  November 19, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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conference. >> reporter: good morning. we are outside of the 7-eleven on south kylie boulevard where a man was shot and killed while the suspects were trying to carjack him in front of 7- eleven. a small memorial is there for the san jose rest denied 22- year-old rory park petty ford. police have one person this custody. here's his picture. 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks was arrested on friday night. he was caught after a series of robberies, a police chase, shooting and carjacking attempt that left a man dead. here's a map that shows the path of this violent crime spree. wilbanks's alleged acome police got away but together they committed four robberies on friday at a little caesar's pizza on story road, gas station on east capital, a jack- in-the-box on curtner avenue and the spa on bird avenue. around 9:00 the pair tried to carjack 22-year-old rory in the seven eleven parking lot and shot him dead. police then spotted the car on highway 101 near interstate 280 and chased it through town.
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the suspects got out and opened fire on the officers. about >> about 9:00 i heard gunshots. >> saw the victim up in the front and in shock after finding out his father -- that his son had been shot in front of seven learn. >> reporter: police returned fire and hit wilbanks. one officer was treated and released. the suspects got in the car and fled while continuing to shoot at police. wilbanks was arrested after crashing on cunningham avenue and trying to hide in a house. the second suspect fled foot and is at large. a $10,000 reward is offered for any help leading to the arrest. this marks the city's 42nd homicide the year. in san jose, elissa harrington,
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cbs 5. >> the victim of the latest murder in menlo park was from newark. 42-year-old was shot in a car on ivy drive. police are looking for suspects. they took the woman's purse and ran in os directions. -- in opposite directions. authorities are going over missing persons reports as they try to identify a body pulled from the water in san francisco bay. the coast guard found him yesterday morning. there is no information on the cause of the death. this morning, pressure is mounting for an end to the israeli-palestinian violence that left dozens dead and hundreds wounded. 91 palestinians including 50 civilians have been killed in gaza since the air strikes began last week. in israel three civilians have been killed by rockets launched by hamas. susan mcginnis has more on the
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attacks and now efforts to encourage a cease-fire. reporter: bombs shook gaza city awake monday morning. the israeli air force targeted another 80 sites during overnight and morning bombing. the military says it targeted weapons storage facilities and police stations. hamas says israel is killing civilians. this sixth day of air strike follows an israeli offense on sunday leading to the deadliest day of attacks yesterday. at least 29 palestinians were killed including four children when a bomb hit this apartment building. israeli officials say hamas is using civilian buildings as cover to launch rockets across the border. in tel aviv, people on the street ran for cover when sirens signaled an approaching rocket. israel's iron dome defense system has intercepted more than 240 rockets. during a trip to asia, president obama warned israel about expanding into a ground war but he defended israel's fighting back.
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>> there's no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders. >> reporter: u.n. secretary- general ban ki-moon is in cairo, egypt today to assist cease-fire talks there. the threat of a ground war remains. thousands of israeli tanks, thousands of israeli tanks, soldiers and rocket launchers are ready to cross the border susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. the israeli air force briefly took control of hamas radio network warning people from gaza to stay away from hamas facilities. president obama is right now in cambodia. he will raise human rights concerns in his meeting today with long-time prime minister han sen. he also visited burma. he encouraged them to continue
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the transition to democracy. he also met with nobel peace price winner. vice president joe biden says the federal government is in it for the long term when it companies to helping rebuild areas damaged by hurricane sandy. he toured the new jersey storm- ravaged coast yesterday including the boardwalk at seaside heights. the vice president says rebuilding the region is a national responsibility. i know it's monday but we can already start talking the weekend because it starts thursday for some people. >> that's true. i forgot. thanksgiving. >> it is a holiday week but we'll be right here. it should be good. but between now and then we have a chance of showers. thank you very much for the coffee, frank. that is delicious. >> you're welcome. [ laughter ] >> it's fantastic! around the bay area, we have a lot of clouds moving through our skies early on. and well, hi-def doppler showing it is dry right now but that could change. there is a slight chance we could see a few showers north of the golden gate bridge. i think the rest of the bay area stays dry but still we'll keep our eyes on that for you.
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we have a lot of clouds dumping over the top of the ridge of high pressure and could see showers north of the golden gate bridge. tuesday we'll see the system slide down to the bay area and better chance of rain for everybody. the embarcadero is lit up for the holiday season. the temperatures outside running on the mild side because of the cloud cover. mainly into the 50s. by the afternoon, not a cold day but these numbers generally with plenty of clouds so yesterday we had some 50s and 60s. today it would be warmer outside. maybe two to seven degrees warmer, 60s showing up, even upper 60s in some spots inland. that's a look at weather. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> there's not much to slow you down. there's a couple of stalls but really no big hot spots. so we'll who is you a live look at some of our traffic sensors along the peninsula. heading out of town early, looks great down towards sfo. continues to move well actually
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in towards san mateo. no roadwork on 101 or 280. east bay, westbound 4 looks great out of antioch and westbound 580 still no big delays to the altamont pass. that's traffic. back to you guys. thank you. 5:07. catholic leaders in the south bay are apologizing after a registered sex offender was found volunteering at a school festival. bishop patrick mcgrath is troubled policy wasn't followed. the church and sheriff's office are trying to find out how the man got written permission from last month's event at saint francis cabrini school. the sheriff will be at the school tomorrow to meet with concerned parents. this morning, chevron will provide an update on repairs following the fire at his richmond refinery. chevron says it's taking steps to upgrade its crude unit number 4 including cutting back on emissions. the fire in august sent thousands of richmond residents to emergency rooms with breathing problems.
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an environmental justice group, global community monitor, says independent testing shows cancer-causing chemicals linger around homes in the area. the bay area air quality management official says there's no significant health risk oakland's airport and seaport could see picket lines tonight and tomorrow. members of the service employees international union say they have gone 16 months without a contract so they are going on strike. tomorrow the walkout will include the port of oakland. workers will picture for 24 hours. bay area registered nurses are planning more strikes because of ongoing contract disputes with local hospitals. california nurses association plans to strike against hospitals run by sutter health and the hospital corporation of america. it will be the second strike this month. new this morning, thousands of needy families in the south bay are getting help with their thanksgiving mills. sacred heart community service is handing out thanksgiving food boxes today to those who signed up for the meals. 4,000 families are in line for the assistance. the need is greater than
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ever and we need your help to feed families for the holidays. cbs 5 is kicking off our annual "food for bay area families" holiday drive. if you want to give, go to or check out the easy way to donate with whole foods grab and give program. black friday of course still four days away but people already pitching tents and lining up for a chance to grab early deals. unbelievable. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is over at a best buy in pinole camping out. >> reporter: i can't believe it either. if i'm cold in this live shot i can't imagine for these die- hard shoppers what it's like. they have been here since yesterday. these shoppers set up their tents and chairs last night to ensure a prime spot in line once those stores open for black friday. now, the big ticket items this year 40" flat screen tvs, game consoles, and laptops.
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some black friday savings can add up to hundreds of dollars but for these diehards they say it's about more than just the savings. what's in it for you? >> i mean, for one, we get to meet new people. for two, best sales of the year. >> we're part of families meeting each other for three years in a row on black friday. this place, we became family. >> reporter: now, consumer experts argue experience is the one thing that separates going to these big box stores and online deals. experts say shopping online could get you the same if not better deals so again, these shoppers say black friday is a new tradition for them. one woman said yesterday that she has been coming out and lining up for black friday deals since her daughter was three months old. she is now a teenager. so get a load of that. live in pinole, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> one big happy "family." >> she can get her daughter involved. >> i find if you buy the gifts on december 26 they are cheaper.
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>> you can't buy it after christmas. >> gift card. >> before. it is 5:11. new hope for ho ho's. why your favorite snack brand may not be gone after all. >> who is tackling muni's reliability problems today? >> and a cop and a clown come to blows and it's all caught on camera. coming your way. ,, [ female announcer ] we invited women to see
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a witness shot gun... the a bizarre fight on tape between a cop and clown. a witness shot this video as a milwaukee police officer responded to a man chasing cars with a squirt gun. the clown is a
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west texas. four military veterans were killed in last week's accid. the truck was the second ofo parade floats, filled with wounded war veterans. the ft had successfully cleared the tracks. parade organizers hd been using the same route fr three years. search teams are looking foa worker.. missing after an oil-rig explosion in the guf mexico last week.. boats are scouring the water.. and crews are checking beaches r grand isle, lousiana... notr from the site of friday's accident. the body of one wr was found saturday night. four workers remain hospitalized. hostess will be in bankrupty court today. the maker of twinkies and hs plans to begin the process f selling off its assets. bute of its most popular products could make a comeback. with two-and- a-half billion in revenue a year, analysts say
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there's a good chance someoe will buy at least a piece of hostess and carry on the br. san francisco may be getting ready to shed its image as a city where anything goes, including clothing. san francisco supervisors ae scheduled to vote tomorrow n ordinance that would ban nuy in most public places. the proposal would make it illel for anyone older than five o expose themselves. a suit hs already been filed to blocke proposed ordinance. other bay area headlines wee following: the reliability of san francisco's transit system is the focus of a puc hearing this morning. supervisor scott wiener saye hearing will look at "muni" maintenance... and whether e money should be spent on upp for the system. muni's on-te rate in august was just 57 percent. the hearing is set for 9:30 a-m at san franciso city hall. today, two labor unions are expected to get behind planr a new arena for the golden e warriors. cbs five and
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chronicle insider phil matir reports the unions will urgn francisco supervisors to ape the waterfront arena plans. the billion dollar project s expected to create thousandf construction jobs. four students with bay areas are among the latest "rhodes scholarship" recipients. among the 32 americans honod this year are are catherine laporte-oshiro of larkspur,a senior at yale university... stanford university senior margaret hayden... stanford grad student rachel kolb...d u-c berkeley senior daniel price... they'll be heading for oxford universin england... all expenses pai. it's 5: the raiders took on the high flying saints. coud they pull off an upset? plus: the warriors take on e thunder. who's triple- double helped their team toa win. a tough day for the oakland ♪
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orleans saints. the raiders were already don seven in the first quarter n brandon myers let a carson palmer pass slip through his fingers. malcolm jenkins turned the interception inta touchdown. later, palmer and myers connected on a touchdown play. but the saints went on to a 38 to 1n ... sinking the raiders to d seven on the season. tonight, the san francisco s are at home against the chio bears. we've got the monday night matchup right here on cbs5..our coverage begins at 5pm.. the 5th quarter follows right after the game with full locker room reaction... the golden state warriors in oklahoma, going for two winn a row on the road... the warriors closed within seven the fourth quarter when davd lee set up stephen ("steef-) curry for the three. but ken
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durant had his first career triple double ... and oklaha city buried 13 long balls. they went on the beat the warriors 119 to 109. golden state's at dallas tonight. how about some golf for your monday play of the day? dane kang at the "c-m-e titlehol" tournament in florida. this shot was not enough for hero win the tournament. but it was good for an eagle... anr play of the day. it's 5-- hitting the picket lines. the strike tomorrow targeting oakland's port and airport. and: a violent 24 hours on e gaza strip. children caught up in the deadly battle of rocket attacks. what world leaders are doing today to p the crisis.
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and i'm frank mallicoat. tis 6-- san jose police are offering cash to catch a suspect in a violent crime spree. cbs-5 reporter elissa harrin is in san jose, where one suspect is under arrest. is mentally competent to be tried for seven murders.
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is mentally competent to be tried for seven murders. goh was arrested in april fr the shooting spree at oikos ("oy-kohs") university in oakland. psychiatrists who
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have examined goh are due to report to the court this afternoon. and a vigil is planned in hayward in just a few hourso remember michaela garecht. e was nine years old when shes kidnapped from in front of a store on mission boulevard 4 years ago this morning. a bone fragment found earliers year is being tested to seef it came from the missing gi. turkey's foreign minister wl be in gaza tomorrow to try d broker a cease fire between palestinian militants and israel. it comes as the death toll s jumped after a deadly nightd morning of rocket attacks. you're looking at live picts of the latest area under at. you can see smoke and flames coming out of the windows oe building. for almost a week, now... israel has been retaliating for months of rt attacks, coming from gaza. (kaboom!) in gaza... 91 palestinians, including 50 civilians, have been killed since the onslat began last week.
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in israel... three civilians have been killed by rockets, launched by the palestinian militant group hamas. there are talks in cairo, egypt..n a serious attempt to reach a cease- fire agreement. so f. no word of any progress in e discussions. the media covering stories e the conflict in the middle t can often be caught off gua. watch what happens to correspondent, anderson coor during a live report. "also 2 media centers... - kabooom!!! wow, well, that a rather large explosion" startled, cooper went to duk for cover. he continued the report, looking down the street to see what had been. cooper, was not hurt. president obama is in cambo, now... part of his trip to , that will include an east aa summit. earlier, he paid a historic visit visit to myanmar (mee-an-mar) ... also knowns burma. he's the first u-s president to visit the country... which has been mg
5:35 am
a transition to democracy, r years of human rights abuse. he met with the longtime democracy advocate, "aung sn suu kyi (chee) ... then spoe at a university, an event broadcast throughout the country. "my discussions here...momem for democratization." white house aides say today. the president will discuss n white house aides say today. the president will discuss n rights concerns with longtie cambodian prime minister hun sen. let's get a look at weatherd traffic. here's lawrence. a 24- hour strike is expecto begin at the oakland airpord the
5:36 am
port of oakland. at the oakland airport and e port of oakland. at the oakland airport and e port of oakland.
5:37 am
the service employees international union plans to strike at the airport startg at nine o'clock tonight. pis will be up at the port tomo. workers say they have not ha new contract for sixteen mo. new this morning.... it's te for a south bay charity to t handing out food for thanksgiving meals. earlier this month, "sacred heart community service" had sign- ups for the needy to t on the list for a holiday fd box. starting today, those people will be picking up tt food. the lines are expecteo be long. "..." they had four thousand famis
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sign up this year. they'll pick up their food today, tomorrow and wednesday. cbs five is kicking off our annual food for bay area families holiday drive. the need is greater than ever..f you wish to give go to cbs f dot com slash food. or check out the easy way to donate h whole foods' "grab and give" program. black friday... the biggest shopping day of the year...s still four days away. but... people are lining upo take advantage of early dea. cbs-5 reporter cate cauguirn is at a best buy in pinole.. where shoppers are camping . "..." nintendo's hot new game cone hits store shelves. why fans will
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have to wait for some populr features. and: does your job increaser cancer risk? the new study that suggests some jobs cou. (kaboom!) ,,,,,,
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for about ninety years... iw just a pile of rubble. the building was originally uses offices for the city's cottn brokers. but it's been vacat for the past two decades. a parking lot is expected to e its place it looks like a higher openn wall street about 45 minutes from now. stock futures are rising ths morning. ashley morrison... of cbs moneywatch dot- com. asian markets were up this morning. optimistic that president obama and congress can avoid the looming fiscal cliff. japan's nikkei closep almost 1 and a half percent. while hong kong's hang senge just over half a percent. // investors on wall street lid what they heard about the fl cliff. on friday, the dow cd up nearly 46 points while te nasdaq gained 16. ///// with president obama in asia and congress already home for thanksgiving break, the fisl cliff issue is on hold for w but both sides have indicatd progress is being made. a dl would stop a series of autoc
5:44 am
tax increases and spending s from going into effect januy first. //// and calling all twinkie lovers? listen up. u can stop hoarding the tasty treats. there's a good chane you'll continue to enjoy its sugary goodness! "hostess brands" will appear in bankruptcy court today to ak permission to sell itself. e appear in bankruptcy court y to ask permission to sell itself. since its brands are well known to americans -- twinkies, ding dongs, ho- 's -- others companies *are interested in picking up the pieces of the failed compan. ////// gift cards are popular once again this holiday shopping season? the national retail federation says shoppers are expected to spend a record 8 point 8 billion dollars on t cards... with more than 80 percent of shoppers plannino
5:45 am
facebook is offering its employees -- and neighborhod businesses -- an early holiy gift. the menlo park company will start handing out gift cards -- called "facebucks"-
5:46 am
this week to be used at designated merchants in down menlo park. some businessese responding in kind -- offerg discounts to those using facebucks. nintendo's latest game conse has now hit stores. the "wi" represents the company's fit stab at creating a console r both gaming and entertainme. it combines live television, tivo recordings and streamig video from several sources. however, some of the featurs are not available just yet. nintendo says the streaming video apps will arrive in te coming weeks. there's a growing number
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wednesday morning. then it's gone. wednesday is a busy day for travel around the country. if you are traveling today, not bad. 68 degrees in sacramento. you will notice those showers though to the north associated with that system making its way in that direction. temperatures for us today mainly into the 60s and as we look out over the next couple of days there's a chance we could see some showers tomorrow especially late in the day. and then on wednesday, should be mostly dry, dry for thanksgiving and dry right now into the holiday season. >> thanks, lawrence. outside now it's been very quiet on the roads. so yeah, if you are about to head off to work, you have to get to work this morning, at least you should have no major trouble getting there. still no big hot spots. no metering lights yet at the bay bridge. you can beat the really late morning backups and you can see right now pretty good to go just some slight delays making a couple of the cash lanes but the middle lanes the fastrak lanes, the lanes we like at this time of the morning, those are still fine into san francisco. hostess cupcakes, i know! going for hundreds of dollars
5:49 am
on ebay from what i heard. i know, being auctioned off high prices, yeah. here's a live look right now at the nimitz. this is 880 in oakland. no big issues. there was a stall reported southbound 880 by 16th embarcadero. it looks like they are working to clear that now. so northbound in the commute direction still quiet. 16 minutes or so between 238 and the maze and southbound like i said it's fine if you are heading towards oakland airport getting out of town for the holiday week. valley commute off to a nice start if you are leaving milpitas heading towards san jose. there's your drive time. six minutes between 880 and 101. and a quick look at the south bay, we are seeing a lot of green road sensors so far this morning. these are live drive times. pretty much reaching top speeds this morning at the limit. the drive on 101, guadalupe parkway 280 through downtown, so far all in the green. still moving at the limit this morning. and mass transit -- we haven't had any hiccups this morning so everything is good for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and
5:50 am
ferries. they are all getting two thumbs up. that is your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. three a growing number of teenagers using -- there's a growing number of teenagers using muscle enhancing products. a study says one out of three teen boys reported using protein powders. six percent admitted to using steroids and 21% of girls admitted to using protein products and 5% using steroids. could your job be raising your risk for breast cancer? new research out of canada shows that women exposed to certain carcinogens and chemicals at work have a higher risk. some of those jobs include food canning, plastic manufacturing, and metalworks. the study found women who work for 10 years in jobs classified as highly exposed increased their risk by 42%. the team called for further research. 5:51. a water wonder down under.
5:51 am
the rare weather phenomenon and it's all caught on tape. we'll share it with you. >> and musical tributes. bieber fever and a surprise guest. the big winners and best moments of the american music awards. ♪ [ music ] ,, look grandma, they have a hobbit menu. i know. apparently, they based an entire movie off of it. try the all-new hobbit inspired menu, only at denny's.
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mother nature churned up the normally tranquil waters ofe coast of australia with a re waterspout. this happened earlier yesterday off new sh wales. t rain, hail and here's something you rarely see down under a waterspout off the coast of australia. it happened off new south wales yesterday. it brought rain, hail, lightning and wind. no damage or injuries reported. it looks pretty when it's off
5:54 am
the coast. gas prices continue to fall as the thanksgiving travel period approaches. the lundberg survey says! the national average is down 7 cents in two weeks. in california, it's down this morning, the aaa reports a gallon of regular is selling for just under 3.90. it's $3.73 in san jose. and 3.77 in oakland. very special honor at the white house this morning for an east bay youth program. oakland-based youth radio will receive the national arts and humanities youth program award from the first lady michelle obama today. it teaches students about the medium and important issues in society. american music awards paid tribute to a tv and pop music icon last night. ♪ [ music ] >> dick clark was remembered in a musical tribute by stevie wonder. justin bieber dominated the
5:55 am
awards. he won the show's top honor artist of the year as well as favorite pop-rock album for "i believe" and best male artist. ♪ [ music ] >> takes me back. the performance everyone is talking about is surprise guest mc guest joining the korean sensation. >> i used to own a pair of those pants. ♪ [ music ] >> pair of shoes, man. >> what color? >> uhm, a few colors. turns out there is something that impresses u.s. olympic gymnast michaela barone meeting the president. the white house released this photo taken thursday. she won the individual silver medal and was caught with that infamous express that went viral. after meeting with the president, she tweeted did i
5:56 am
just do that not impressed face with the president? you better believe it. >> can you do that face? >> hm. [ laughter ] >> pretty good. >> would that be satan? maybe not. 5:56. next half hour, it may be the earliest black friday in lines we have ever seen. >> the hot item that has these people camping out in the cold five days early. >> and the toxic fallout from the chevron refinery fire. the new warning about cancer- causing chemicals in some of the nearby neighborhoods. >> and san jose police are asking for the public's help in finding a suspect who killed a man and left an officer injured. more on that crime spree and a reward being offered. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
5:57 am
i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch,
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we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.
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jose crime spree. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald captions by: caption colorado murder, armed robbery an
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